Carer journeys

REC (Recovery Education Centre)

The Recovery Education Centre (REC) is jointly delivered by Dorset HealthCare and Dorset Mental Health Forum, a peer-led charity.

The centre co-develops and co-delivers educational based courses focusing on recovery, wellbeing and shared learning, bringing together the expertise of professionals and people with lived experience.

Our courses are available to people with personal experience of mental health difficulties as well as carers, friends, family, and supporters including staff.

In this special series of podcasts we are bringing together staff, and carers from Rethink Mental Illness in Dorset, Dorset HealthCare and the Dorset Mental Health Forum.

•Am I A Carer, Or Am I Just A Mum, A Daughter, A Son, A Wife, A Husband, A Friend?

•Looking after your wellbeing as a carer


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Parent carers