Long-COVID symptoms

Long Covid symptoms


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How to conserve your energy: practical advice for people during and after having COVID-19

 Managing your recovery from COVID-19 related fatigue



How To Cope With Being Short of Breath - Breathing Exercises

How to Cope With Being Short Of Breath - Positions

Physiotherapy for breathing pattern disorders resources for         physiotherapists (physiotherapyforbpd.org.uk)

Managing pain

Musculoskeletal Matters Dorset’s physiotherapy website which gives advice for self-management for musculoskeletal  aches and pain

Dorset Pain Management Service advice for managing pain

Support for your mental health

Support for your mental health.png

Steps2Wellbeing – Dorset service for support with anxiety and depression. There is a link for self-referral.

Access Mental Health – support in the event of a mental health crisis


Managing changes with taste and smell

COVID-19 Introduction - Fifth Sense


Brain fog

Brain fog.png

Memory and concentration

Nutrition and digestion

Patient webinars: reliable nutrition information from qualified health professionals in Somerset

Nutrition and COVID-19 recovery knowledge hub: University of Plymouth

Returning to work

Returning to work.png

Returning to work with on-going COVID-19 symptoms: Guidance for employees and managers - YouTube

Return to work guide: a guide for patients that can help them find out what they need to ask their manager to consider for their  return or take it to their managers to help with a discussion

Support groups and help with lifestyle changes

Long COVID Support (national charity/support group)

Live Well Dorset - Help in Dorset with lifestyle issues such as weight control and stopping smoking

Help for sleep

Adults - The Sleep Charity Home - The Sleep Charity

Long COVID Sleeping well - Your COVID Recovery

 InsightTimer: free app for sleep, anxiety and stress

POTS and dysautonomia

Home - PoTS UK

Orthostatic Intolerance — Long COVID Physio


Information for patients, relatives and carers