Hattie Taylor

Hattie Taylor.png(Elected for three years 2020)

Why do you want to be a governor?

I want to make a difference by being your ambassador. I find being an advocate for others motivates me to speak up; I’d really enjoy the process of hearing and representing your views. This year has been hugely challenging for everyone, we’ve witnessed a revolution in the way we work and I’d like to help us hold onto the things that have made it easier for us to achieve the best for patients, whilst nurturing our own wellbeing.

What skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I started in 1995 as a Health Care Assistant; now with 18 years’ much loved experience in community, I’ve lead teams in different Trusts in urban and rural settings. I came to Dorset to make it my home in 2008.  I’m currently District Nurse Lead (Purbeck), a Queen’s Nurse and

Practice Teacher, strongly focused on helping people reach their potential. I completed a Leadership programme 2018-19, which was transformational and helped me ‘find my voice’ and articulate the value of what health and social care professionals do. I aim to spread

positivity through Twitter on @hattierocket (Rocket is my dog!).  I have a naturally enquiring mind, curious to understand when something can be improved upon. I have a tenacious spirit and won’t rest while something isn’t the best it can be; this is especially true in relation to staff wellbeing and patient care.

Declaration of Interests

Member of the Labour Party.

Members of the Council of Governors