Jacqueline Wilson

 Elected for three years 2021.


Jacqueline Wilson.jpgWhy do you want to be a governor?

I have been working with the NHS as an Expert by Experience (EbyE) for several years, during this time I have learnt about the NHS and its many policies. This has led to me require a better understanding of the whole process and workings of the NHS from a senior management point of view. I am also interested in raising awareness of the needs and issues that unpaid carers face day to day, including their mental health and well-being. I feel that the insight I can offer may eventually help to lead to some changes in policies and procedures that could be of benefit to the carer, medical professional, and the patient.


What skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I have been an unpaid carer for many years, starting as a young carer to my sister with Down's Syndrome, I'm still her carer. Over the past 16 years caring for both my sister and my stepfather who had dementia. The knowledge and skills I have gained over these disabilities has enabled me to become an EbyE and explain the conditions to help others. As an EbyE I enjoy working with new recruits and raising awareness for these patients and the problems carers' face. Also helping staff to understand how carers can be an asset to the medical profession and allowing that person to live their lives regardless of disability. I have made Webinar for professionals during Covid.


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