Karen Currie

Karen Currie.pngWhy do you want to be a governor?

I want to be a governor to show the world just because you are disabled and need help from time to time . You can still give back and help other have a voice . I’m interested to learn how the trust works from a another angle. I want to develop the skills I have learn over years in various caring roles I have fulfilled.

What skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I am chairman of network southwest committee of the rnib . And I have learn from that role that about meetings and how to participate in them with everyone one from all works of life . I also volunteer with trust as expert by experience which I enjoy learning how the trust works from different angle.  I work with Bournemouth university pier group which help trains the new nhs staff.  I am radio presenter for Hospital radio bedside at Bournemouth hospital.   I am interested in the whole nhs experience.

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