Nick Ireland - Partner Governor (Dorset Council)

I became a partner governor to Dorset Healthcare following the recent Dorset Council elections, although I have been, and continue to be, the liaison member to DHC for the Dorset (County) Council Health Scrutiny Committee since 2017.

My professional career is in IT, although I must juggle that with being a councillor in Dorset following my election to the County Council in May 2017 and subsequently to the new unitary Dorset Council earlier this year. In addition, I’ve been the leader of the Liberal Democrat group on DCC and subsequently DC, from January 2018.

I have a keen interest in healthcare provision; my wife is a nurse, working mostly in acute care that includes roles in DCH and now Yeovil, and her relatives span the spectrum of the profession. One of my daughters works for the NHS Confederation and the other recently graduated as a doctor from Nottingham University and has started working at St. Mary’s in London.

I am concerned that the Dorset CCG’s Clinical Services Review predominantly concentrates services in the East of Dorset and seek to ensure that the population outside of the conurbation continue to receive the services under the NHS umbrella that they both need and deserve.

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