Patient stories: 2022

October 2022: Bournemouth West Community Mental Health Team

The story is to highlight the mixed experience of care received from the Community Mental Health Team Bournemouth West. 

The story is about a young man with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and borderline personality disorder. The patient has raised a number of concerns about his care and wanted to highlight his experience to the Trust Board. 

August 2022: Guernsey Ward, Alderney Hospital

Linda highlights her mixed experience of care received after her elderly mother had a fall at home. 

Linda's mother was transferred to Guernsey Ward from acute hospital care.  The care of her mother was the subject of a formal complaint to both the acute provider and Guernsey ward.  The complaint has been finalised and the Linda states she is happy with the response.  Her story is a reflection of how it felt to see her mother go through the care pathway.  She reports on where the care could have been better and makes suggestions on how to improve.

The Alderney Matron has been involved from the beginning of the complaint and has built up a good relationship with the carer.  The complaint has resulted in a training video being planned for inpatient community hospitals.

April 2022: David Cockwell & Dorset Community Pain Management Service

David shares his experience of using the Community Pain service.  He highlights areas that could be improved and also discusses how the service has helped him deal with his chronic pain.  



February 2022: Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service - Aphasia Chat Cafe

The patient reflects on his stroke and the frustration of losing his speech. Being unable to read was very difficult but he reconnected with books through audio. He explains that though the treatment and support he received was excellent, a lot depended on his own will to improve and he was in control of that will.

He shares his experience of participating in the Aphasia Chat Café and his wife makes suggestions on what works and how it could be challenging in larger groups. His wife is extremely happy with the support and care she and her husband have received as her husband’s spouse and as his support.

She explains that time was taken to educate her about the process her husband was going through, and this was invaluable in understanding and supporting his recovery.

Patient Stories