The Willows: Yeatman Hospital - Approaching the final stages of life

About the Willows

As you approach the old Yeatman Hospital Building you will see a short narrow road to the right of the building called Back Lane. The Willows and car park is at the bottom of Back Lane. The Willows is the in-patient part of the Yeatman hospital. It is divided into two wards:

  • Rowan Ward (01305 361524)
  • Beech Ward (01305 361525)

Each ward has a Ward Sister, a team of Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants who deliver the day to day clinical care and treatment. Both wards are overseen by Senior Sister Barbara Ludlow and the Hospital Matron, Ali Low. Our ward Doctor is called Joanna Zaborowska or ‘Dr Jo’ and she works Monday to Friday 9-5 with Amanda England, our Advanced Nurse Practitioner and our Consultant, Dr Lucy Pearce visits the ward weekly. We work very closely with Weldmar Hospicecare; Emma is the Specialist Nurse from Weldmar who also visits the ward frequently.

Our ethos is about caring for the patient as well as their friends and family. We will do what we can to work with you, support you and care for you. If you have any requests that will make life more bearable please do not hesitate to ask. We will always try our best to accommodate your needs and that of your family.


We have two suites (one on each ward) that have been specially created for added comfort and privacy for you and your loved ones: These are the Jean King Suite and the Ada Kearvell Suite. In both suites there are tea making facilities, TVs and sleeping arrangements.

Coping with the news

Hearing that you may be nearing the end of your life can be very difficult and distressing. You may experience strong and often overwhelming emotions that make it difficult for you to think clearly.

You may need some time on your own or with your relatives, or a close friend, to think about the future. Some people find it easier to talk to someone outside their family. If you think this would be helpful, you can talk to any member of the Clinical team caring for you here on the Willows.

Facing an uncertain future

Although your future may be uncertain, you may still find it helpful to plan ahead and make the most of the days when you feel well. You might want to plan to do something special with your family and friends. There may also be other important things you want to do. The staff on the Willows will be only too happy to facilitate whatever they can.

People close to you

Your friends and family are welcome at the Willows anytime – day or night. Although we do ask for visitors to be aware that large numbers of people can be overwhelming for the other patients on the ward and for you.

For access to the Willows out of hours we would advise your family to let the staff know when they’re likely to visit. The doorbell is at eye level on the front door of the Willows.

We have a menu especially designed for your loved ones to ensure they do not need to worry about meal times. We do charge a nominal fee. For close family members we can accommodate them sleeping over or even close together with you if this is what you would like; please do ask the team. Again in relation to close family members they are welcome to use the shower facilities; we have a range of toiletry products that can be provided on request.

Parking is free - please speak to the team who will provide your loved ones with a car park pass.

Spiritual and religious issues

Some people become more aware of religious beliefs or spiritual feelings. Spirituality can be expressed in many ways, such as through music, arts, nature, or how you relate to your family or community. We have links with all denominations please let us know should you need assistance with spiritual needs whatever this means to you.

Bereavement support

The Yeatman Hospital hosts a Bereavement Café; if your loved one would like more information about this please refer to the staff who will give them the information leaflet.

Weldmar Hospicecare Trust also offers bereavement support for those who have been cared for by their teams.

In addition there is Dorset Cruse 08088 081677 and GP support on request.

If you have any concerns

If you or your family have any concerns about any aspect of your care please let us know straight away. We are not easily offended and would much prefer to be given the opportunity to address any worries in a timely way.

Sr Barbara’s direct line is: 01305 361502

Matron Ali's direct line is: 01305 361522


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