Addictions (Alcohol and Drugs)

Dorset HealthCare no longer provides a community drug and alcohol addictions service. If you are struggling with a dependency on alcohol, illegal drugs or other substances, you can access help from these organisations:

Bournemouth – We Are With You 01202 558855

Poole – EDAS 0800 0434656

The rest of Dorset – REACH 0800 0434656.

A separate medical service covering prescribing, psychosocial support, blood-borne virus services and psychology – across the whole of Dorset – is provided by the AWP Specialist Drug & Alcohol Service. This can be contacted on 01202 977010.

You can also access help by speaking to your GP or other healthcare professional. You can also complete this referral form which will help direct you to the right service.

If you are a relative or carer of someone with addiction problems, you can access support at locations around Dorset through the EDP Drug & Alcohol Services charity.

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