Information for professionals

Dorset FCAMHS model 

We  offer advice, consultation and in some cases, where we consider clinically-indicated, specialist assessment and intervention. 

Our clinicians are experienced in working with young people who may not have had positive experience of other services and find it difficult to engage. (FCAMHS aims to supplement rather than duplicate local CAMHS provision).

The process

Make an enquiry

You can contact us for advice by telephone or email, providing details of the young person and the concerns.

Initial advice

At the advice stage we may signpost to other services or ask for a referral form, depending on what we feel would be most useful.


We may ask for more information, especially regarding risk.


We will agree a plan at the end of consultation with identified roles and responsibilities within our recommendations.

Direct clinical involvement

If we feel clinically it is appropriate, we may become directly involved with the young person and their family.

Further support

In addition to the clinical and consultative role of FCAMHS, we also offer strategic advice, service development and training.

Our interventions 

Work collaboratively with professionals, performing in depth assessment of risk of harm to others as part of our consultation and formulation.

Formulate complex cases from relational position and use a trauma informed framework with focus on protective factors.

Offer advice on offence related interventions, considering mental health needs.

Assist in clarifying diagnosis in complex and high risk cases.

The referral process

We recommend an initial conversation regarding any young person you are concerned about.

Please contact us at to arrange a time. 

Following this we may signpost you to other services or suggest a formal consultation.  If appropriate a referral form will be sent to you for completion at this stage.

During a consultation we liaise with key professionals involved to provide a formulation and explore protective factors.

We may not need to be involved after this, however, if we are, in some cases we may meet the young person, their family and any key professionals involved in their care. 


We will ask you for feedback to help us develop our service.


Dorset Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service