ID CAMHS process


A professional (such as a teacher, health visitor, doctor or social worker) will make a referral to our service, provided the young person meets our referral criteria.


Senior members of the team will screen the referral to ensure the young person is appropriate for our service and we have sufficient information to proceed.


You will receive a letter confirming the referral has been accepted. The team leaders will allocate your case to one or sometimes two members of the team to complete an initial assessment. You will then be offered an appointment, either virtually or face-to-face. 

Welcome workshop

You will be invited to the Welcome Workshop. These workshops explain the ID CAMHS process and how we work. It will give you the opportunity to meet some members of the teams and ask any questions you have.

Initial assessment

Our initial assessment process typically involves a meeting with you to gather detailed information about the young person and the presenting problem(s). Usually the young person does not need to be present for this. The next stage of the assessment process is usually an observation of the young person across one or more settings.


Following the information gathering stage, the clinician(s) will complete a psychological formulation to understand the situation. They will discuss this with their team for wider input. This formulation will then be fed back to you.

Goals and care plan

Following the formulation feedback, we will ask you to set goals and discuss a care plan with you. If your young person has capacity, we will support them to be involved in this discussion too.


Intervention may include:

  • training for you and/or other people in your child’s support system
  • recommendations regarding appropriate strategies and/or resources
  • signposting to appropriate services
  • creating a Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP)
  • direct intervention with the young person
  • prescription of medication.


Following the intervention we will book a review with you. If your goals have been met we will discharge the young person. If further support is needed, we may set new goals and new care plan.

Farewell workshop

You will be invited to the farewell workshop where you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience and ask any final questions.

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