Hearing aid fitting appointment

What happens at the hearing aid fitting appointment?

The hearing aid fitting will normally last up to 45 minutes. At this appointment the audiologist will use a computer to programme your hearing aids so that they suit you and give you the best results.

The audiologist will also use equipment to check that when your hearing aid is inserted, it produces the right sound levels in your ear. You will be shown how to use and care for your hearing aids and how to get the best from them.

The audiology department is located on the First Floor at 11 Shelley Road, Boscombe, Dorset, BH1 4JQ. Parking on-site is free for patients but it is very limited and there is on street parking (for limited periods). The service is located on the first floor of the building but there is a lift available.

During your hearing aid fitting appointment, you will receive the following written information:

  • information about how your hearing aids work
  • information explaining about follow up, maintenance, repair and ongoing support services
  • where you can get NHS batteries in your community
  • a NHS Hearing Aid Record Book so that you can get batteries 
  • information about other services and equipment that may be of benefit to you.

What happens after the hearing aid fitting?

To check how you are getting on we will send out a follow up questionnaire in the post. Please send the questionnaire back to us indicating whether you would like to be seen for a follow up appointment.

Further information

Please do not hesitate to contact the audiology department if you have any questions on 0300 303 8640 or email dhc.audiologyenquiries@nhs.net

For further information about equipment and systems that can assist you with problems not solved by hearing aid amplification, you may find the Action on Hearing Loss website a useful source of information.