Intermediate Care

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The aim of the Community Intermediate Care Service is to enable patients to regain a maximum level of independence, restoring function wherever possible. It enables people to live independently with no or minimal intervention.

Service Delivery Area: Bournemouth and Poole

What functions/treatment and therapies are offered?

Intermediate Care Services in Bournemouth and Poole provide a service which will support people in achieving one of the following:

  • prevents an unplanned admission to hospital where possible
  • support a timely and early supported discharge from hospital
  • avoid admission into long term health care
  • reduce dependency on long-term care packages to improve independence and minimise intervention in daily life.

Who can I contact to find out more?

01202 705533 (Bournemouth)

01202 263084/5 (Poole)

Where to access the service:


Intermediate Care Service (Bournemouth - Kings Park Hospital, Boscombe)

01202 705533
Kings Park Hospital,
Gloucester Road,

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Open hours: Monday to Sunday, 8am-9pm

Intermediate Care Service (Bournemouth - Wallisdown)

01202 705533
Wallisdown Heights,
121 Canford Avenue,
BH1 1 8SH

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Open hours: Monday to Sunday, 8am-9pm.

Intermediate Care Service (Poole - Alderney Hospital)

01202 307695
Alderney Hospital,
Ringwood Road,
BH12 4NB

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Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 8am-8pm

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