Clinics are held in the following locations. Please note, not every clinic type is available in each location. 

AECC University College

Parkwood Campus
Parkwood Road

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During 2023 our colleagues at AECC will be hosting additional hip and knee clinics to help us reduce our waiting times.If this affects you, you will receive a letter of explanation. Please note, you will be given a different contact telephone number and email address to use for queries relating to these clinics with your appointment details.

Blandford Community Hospital

Dorset Musculoskeletal (MSK) Services
Blandford Community Hospital
Milldown Road
Blandford Forum
Dorset DT11 7DD

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Bridport Community Hospital

Dorset Musculoskeletal (MSK) Services
Bridport Community Hospital
Hospital Lane, North Allington
Dorset DT6 5DR

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Frederick Treves House

Dorchester PCT Consulting Rooms
2 Frederick Treves House
St John Way
Poundbury, Dorchester
Dorset DT1 2FD

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Note: Some maps still do not have St John Way, as the road is
relatively new.
However, the location on the links above are correct.

Poole NHS Healthcare Centre

Dorset Musculoskeletal (MSK) Services
1st Floor, Boots The Chemists
The Dolphin Shopping Centre
190-196 High Street, Poole
BH15 1SX

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Shelley Road Clinic

Dorset Musculoskeletal Services
Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust
11 Shelley Road

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South Walks House

Charles Street

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Vespasian House

Bridport Road



(near the Keep Military Museum).

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Two disabled spaces outside the building. Space for patient transport drop off and collections. No dedicated parking at Vespasian House. Parking is available in:

Top o' Town Coach & Car Park

Poundbury Rd, Dorchester DT1 1XT

Dorset County Hospital Car Park, Williams Avenue, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 2JY

There are also a small number of one-hour on-street parking spaces nearby.

Weymouth Community Hospital

Dorset Musculoskeletal (MSK) Services
Weymouth Community Hospital, Melcombe
Avenue, Weymouth
Dorset DT4 7TB

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Dorset Musculoskeletal Service