Speech and language therapy service (Children & young people’s)

What is speech therapy? 

Our speech and language therapists provide life-improving treatment, advice and support when children and young people are experiencing a range of communication, eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. We work with children (0-19) who may have difficulties with:

  • understanding language
  • using language
  • communication and interaction
  • dysfluency (stammering)
  • speech sounds.

We also help children and young people who have eating and drinking difficulties. Some children we support may have other identified needs such as cleft palate, hearing impairment and special educational needs and disability (SEND).

How do we work?

Using specialist skills, speech and language therapists use a variety of methods to assess a child or young person’s needs and determine if further support is needed. We work with you and other professionals such as teachers, early years setting staff, occupational therapists, doctors and heath visitors to provide quality care and the most appropriate support for your child. The support we provide to your child is based on their needs, it is individual to them. It is vital that the supportive approaches identified by the therapist are practiced at home with family encouragement and assistance.  

Education staff at your child’s early years or school setting are also key partners in supporting your child or young person by following the advice and personalised programmes of support provided by the therapist.

Where do we work?

The service works across Dorset and aims to offer support in the most appropriate setting for your child. This may be in a health centre, children’s centre, school, nursery or at home.  A number of our appointments are offered virtually. We are a teaching trust and therefore it is possible that your child may be seen by a student speech and language therapist under the direct or indirect supervision of a qualified speech and language therapist.

Please see our locations for current clinic locations, which include details of accessibility and parking. 

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