X-ray patient information

Who will carry out my X-ray examination?

Your X-ray examination will be carried out by a radiographer.  A radiographer is a university trained health professional who works with X-rays producing images to assist doctors and other healthcare professionals in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of a patient’s injury or illness.  

How long will my X-ray examination take?

Dependent on the part of the body and number of X-ray images to be taken, from as little as a few minutes up to 15 minutes.  

Will I need to undress for my examination?

The clerical team or the assistants will notify you if you need to change for your test. If you are required to change we will provide you with a gown.

Will the radiographer give me the result of my X-ray?

No – this is because all X-ray images require specialist interpretation by a Ccnsultant radiologist or reporting radiographer, who will then send a written report of their findings to your doctor.

The only exception to this is in the case of those patient’s referred to X-ray from the minor injuries unit (MIU) or from an outpatient clinic.  In these cases the MIU and the outpatient clinic team are trained to assess the X-ray’s and a formal report is performed later by the consultant radiologist or reporting radiographer.

When will my doctor receive the results of my X-ray?

Your doctor will receive the X-ray results within 7-10 days of your X-ray examination – although it is often sooner than this. If your doctor has requested an urgent report, then they should receive this within 48 hours.

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to ask the radiographer at the time of your X-ray.

Radiology (X-ray and ultrasound)