My Wellbeing Plan

The My Wellbeing Plan is designed to support a person’s health and wellbeing when they are accessing Dorset HealthCare services under the Care Program Approach (CPA).

We want to provide support that benefits safety and wellbeing in a meaningful way. To help us do this, it is really important that individuals, their loved ones and staff have the opportunity to work together to share their perspectives, feelings and ideas.

The My Wellbeing Plan is designed to help us have conversations about health and wellbeing to understand and record preferences, hopes and goals. It identifies helpful tools, advice and actions and provides an opportunity to share experiences, exploring what has happened and what is important. It reflects the things we are working on, what helps and what doesn’t. Throughout the plan we ask for different perspectives, this helps us to develop a shared understanding and to work together more effectively.

The My Wellbeing Plan brings all this expertise and information together in one place that is easy to access and update. It replaces our traditional care plans and crisis plans.

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