Basic foot care information

Nail cutting

Cut nails straight across and use a file for the corners if needed. Do not cut nail lower than the pulp of your toe leaving a few millimetres of white nail at the top. File to smooth any sharp bits

Nail cutting.JPG

Nail nippers (above) are best for toenails - ‘nip nip’ along the nail, do not try to cut a large piece in one snip.

Cleaning clean feet regularly

Remember to include between the toes - a sponge on a long handle, wet wipes or a brush which sticks to the bottom of the shower or bath are handy for this. Speak to your local mobility shop for help. Dry carefully between toes. If you find it hard to reach this area, use a dry long handled sponge, allow to air dry or use a hair dryer on a cool setting – check the temperature with your hand first to avoid burning yourself.

Ensure shoes fit correctly

There should be a thumb width of space between your longest toe and the front of the shoe. Your toes should have enough space to ‘wriggle’. If you have clawed toes then consider the depth of shoe - soft uppers are better than rigid leather. Buy shoes with rounded toes rather than pointed ones. Shoes should fit correctly when you buy them, your foot should not have to stretch it out.


Apply cream daily. Never between toes. If you have difficulty reaching, use a long handled roller - the ones sold for painting behind radiators are good.

Podiatry (foot care)