Request for support for a school-aged child or young person

It is important that all of the following questions are answered to provide a clear picture of your concerns. Once your request for support is received, it will be triaged and appropriate actions taken, which could include: signposting, allocation to a member of the team or rejection (in the event of a rejection we will provide the referrer with a reason for this).
Is the child or young person aware of the request for support?: *
Is the parent/carer aware of the request for support?: *
Please confirm that the child or young person is in year 7 and above and you consider them to be Gillick competent (have the maturity to make and understand their own decisions) *
Where necessary, if a conversation with parent/carer is required, we will contact you to discuss. If this Request for Support is accepted and we need to see or speak to a CYP this will either be via a face to face to face appointment in school or a virtual video consultation appointment.
Consent from parent/carer is always required for children in year groups R-6 inclusive
Is the child/young person a young carer? *
Does the child/young person have an education, health and care plan? *
Requesting school nursing support