We have a legal duty to keep information about our patients strictly confidential. If the patient is willing to give consent, we can share information with family members and other carers. But even if consent to share information is not given, you may still talk to staff about the general wellbeing of the patient and the issues affecting their health.

Working with carers, we have produced a good practice guide called Common-sense confidentiality. To access this, please email

Carers can be given general information on:
  • The diagnosis
  • The symptoms and behaviours that are likely to occur, and how best to support the person
Carers are helped to understand:
  • The present situation
  • Any confidentiality restrictions requested by the person they are caring for
  • The role of each professional involved
Carers are given:
  • The opportunity to see a professional on their own
  • The right to their own confidentiality when talking to a professional
  • Confidence to voice their  views or any concerns they may have

In partnership with Bournemouth University and local carers, we have also created the below video which you may find useful.