Post-COVID Syndrome (PCS) Service

We provide specialist support for people who have on-going symptoms of COVID-19 for 12 weeks or more, known as Post-COVID Syndrome (PCS). The most common symptoms include:

  • fatigue
  • breathlessness
  • headaches
  • brain ‘fog’
  • pain in the joints or chest.

If you have had symptoms of COVID-19 for 12 weeks or more since your first diagnosis, you should contact your GP. They will carry out a series of tests to rule out other causes for your symptoms and, if appropriate, refer you to the PCS Service for specialist support and guidance.

Have you got long covid.JPGOur staff will carry out a more in-depth assessment of your symptoms and the impact these have on your life. This will be carried out either online, over the phone or – where appropriate and with appropriate safeguards – face to face.

Your case will then be considered by a team of healthcare professionals to agree an appropriate course of action. Depending on your symptoms, this may involve supporting self-management of your condition or signposting you for more specialist advice or treatment.

Our service offers a range of professional skills and self-management resources to help you deal with the specific issue(s) you are facing and manage your symptoms as you recover from COVID-19.

There is no evidence that PCS is a permanent condition, and all indications are that – with the right support – patients will continue to recover over time.

COVID-19 is a new illness and while the service is aware of new developments due to research around the world, we are not able to offer these new investigations or treatments until they are advised by the National Institute for Health and Care Research and NHS England. 

The service can be contacted via email at

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