Judith Adda - Public Governor for Bournemouth

The main reason I wish to continue being a Governor is to help Dorset HealthCare become a SMARTER HEALTH organisation in the very near future. My extensive business experience,Public Health MSc studies, consultancy work and coaching activities enable me to keep up to date with the very latest advances in healthcare from around the world.Innovation for improvements has always been my aim for the benefit of all Dorset patients,medical staff and clinicians. I bring my research findings for regular strategic consideration by the Dorset HealthCare Board. Attending UK and overseas health conferences and exhibitions as a private individual allows me to see many improvements which could be introduced and what future benefits and efficiencies for the over-burdened NHS could be gained from new, digital health inventions. With the full agreement of Dorset HealthCare, I'm in the process of making county-wide health facility visits with briefings from senior staff to help broaden my understanding of the various successes and special challenges that Dorset faces. At my own request, I regularly meet Dorset HealthCare Board members on an individual basis to gain a well-informed view of their responsibilities, so that I can better focus on how I continue to make a useful contribution. Actively involved in local Bournemouth business, where I have lived for 10 years.

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