Lewis Cosky

Lewis Cosky.png(Elected for 3 years in 2020)

Why do you want to be a governor?

It will shortly be clear that my medical knowledge is lamentable which should render me totally unacceptable for consideration. There is, however, an unwavering desire to see the task is done well with compassion and fairness.

What skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I am a Bournemouthian through and through, born in October 1942, brought up here and lived here ever since. Neither boring nor narrow-minded.

On the subject of the eligibility criteria, I am thrilled to report that I merit no investigation on any matter covered in the application. Yes, I know, boring. 

Education, after Bournemouth Grammar, climaxed with an art course (“Try the College… it seems that he can draw a bit”).  Useful because it lead to graphic design and advertising. All of this was to count for nothing because, following the death of my father, I inherited the family audio business.  Along the way, I met and married a wonderful girl… we have two children to show for it.  They, in due course, have produced five grandsons who know everything, that there is to know, about everything!

So, as the years tick by, I’m supremely qualified about lots and lots about this and that. Yes, now you know, not narrow minded.  At my age, no opportunity should be swept aside. It is the time, now, to offer my services.

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