Sarah Sherran

Sarah Sherran governor(elected for one year in 2020)

Why do you want to be a governor?

I have a wide range of personal and professional experience of working in and accessing mental health and community services in Dorset which I believe enable me to make a unique contribution to this role. Mental health and community services are more in demand than ever, particularly in the rural parts of Dorset where limited infrastructure and resources increase isolation and vulnerability.

For Dorset HealthCare to make the most effective use of finite resources services must be designed around the experiences of people who access them .I am passionate about the importance of inclusion and equality in health and as a governor would welcome the opportunity to raise awareness of the Trust’s work and engage as diverse a range of people as possible in designing it's services. 

What skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I trained as a psychiatric nurse (RMN) and have with worked adults and young people with mental health problems across the NHS, localauthority and voluntary sector most of my adult life. I have worked as an advocate, on the front line and have managed and developed services.

I have experience of interagency working and working within statutory and legal frameworks particularly the Mental Health Act, Equalities Act and safeguarding. I also have my own lived experience of mental health problems and physical disability to bring to the role

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