Your feedback is always helpful to hear and of value to us and we welcome it.

If you are pleased with the care we offer and think we are doing something well, or would like to suggest improvements to our service, let us know by filling out this form.

If you feel that we have not given you the care you expected or needed, our patient advice and liaison service (PALS) can help. They can also help if you wish to make a complaint. You normally have about a year to do this*. Making a complaint will not have any adverse effect on your current or future care and treatment.

Please follow this link for further information and the ways in which a complaint can be made

*Under the NHS Complaints Procedure, complaints are usually investigated only if they are made within 12-months of the event

Patient experience

There are several different ways you can share more about your experiences of our services, whether it relates to care provided at home, during an outpatient appointment or during an inpatient stay. You can visit our patient experience page and view the patient stories.

By listening to our patients' stories, we can understand more about what really matters and, where needed, improve the quality of our services.

This is why we have introduced patient and carer stories to all our trust board meetings, and at a variety of trust meetings and training. These stories seek to:

  • provide a focus on patient and carer experience prior to decision making
  • improve knowledge relating to patient and carer experience
  • gain assurance that the trust is learning from patient stories in order to benefit the wider patient audience.

Share and submit your stories with us

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