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Living Well with a Brain injury event

We provide specialist support and guidance to people in Dorset who have experienced a brain injury, and their families, and deliver a caring and personalised programme of rehabilitation.

Our team can draw on the expertise of clinical and neuro-psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation assistants and speech and language therapists. You may be seen by more than one person in the team, depending upon your needs.

How the service works

People with a confirmed diagnosis of a newly acquired brain injury are usually referred to us by their GP or consultant straight away.

We will carry out an initial assessment to identify the patient’s issues and needs. This may lead to a programme of rehabilitation with our service, referral to another service, or discharge to person’s GP with some self-management advice.

In our service, we will focus on the patient’s core values and aspirations, and involve other professionals/services as necessary. We will establish an appropriate programme of rehabilitation and set goals together, which will be reviewed regularly. 

Everyone faces different challenges during their recovery, but the tailored therapy program aims to help people regain as much independence as possible.

Specialist assessment and rehabilitation

You may be offered a range of opportunities to help meet your needs. These include individual or group work around brain injury education, mental rehabilitation, physical exercise, emotional resilience, fatigue management and practical skills such as tending a garden allotment. You may also be signposted or referred to other services for particular support.

Rehabilitation may be offered face-to-face, via telephone or video-based methods.

Your rehabilitation program will come to an end when:

  • you have achieved your goals
  • you are working towards your goals on your own or with help
  • it’s agreed that your on-going needs can be supported by another service
  • there are obstacles preventing you from working towards your goals at the present time.

At this stage we will meet to review your goals, as well as discuss your continued self-management and other services you may want to access in the future.

We have also developed expertise in the treatment and rehabilitation of acquired brain injury patients whose conditions are affected by:

  • strokes
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • housing/homeless issues
  • mental health problems
  • complex social difficulties.

Mild head trauma

We also provide support for people with mild head trauma, an injury to the head which has not resulted in brain damage but which is causing persistent difficulties.

Contact details

If you have hurt your head and have concerns about the health of your brain, it is best to talk to your GP first and discuss if a referral to a brain injury consultant or ABIRS would be helpful for you.

However, you can contact us direct for further information about our service.

East Dorset ABIRS
Poole Community Health Clinic
Shaftesbury Road
BH15 2NT
Tel: 01202 308 077

West Dorset ABIRS
30 Maiden Castle Road
Tel: 01305 214 500

Email: dhc.community.braininjury@nhs.net

Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service