Connectivity with your new hearing aids

You may have already been fitted or are going to be fitted with hearing aids which are compatible with some compatible smart phones/tablets.

‘Oticon ON’ is a free to download app that allows you to adjust the volume control and change programs (if these features are activated on your hearing aids). There are also other available features on the app including ‘Find my hearing aid’. 

For iphone/ipad users (not Android) you may also be able to directly stream phone calls and music from your smartphone/tablet to your hearing aids.

These additional features can be beneficial to those who enjoy interacting with this type of technology, however for those who don’t, don’t worry, as the new hearing aids will work well as they are without apps and streaming.

Using the App or streaming phone iPhone/iPad:

As apps and streaming are additional features, the responsibility of learning to use the app/streaming is with the hearing aid user (or supporting friends and family). There are supporting resources available from Oticon to help with downloading, connecting and use. You can also scan the QR codes below. If you have ‘Engage’ hearing aids please use Oticon ‘Opn ITE full shell’.  

For information leaflets


For phone compatibility


If you are having difficulties with apps or streaming to iPhone/iPad that you cannot resolve alone, you can contact Oticon Technical Support (see contacts below) who should be able to help.

We appreciate it can be disappointing if your device is not compatible with the app and/or streaming. However, this is not something the service will be able to support you with.


Your audiologist will advise you on which type of hearing aid you have. 

Direct to device streaming: currently only available for compatible Apple devices.

‘Oticon ON’ app: is free to download and compatible with many Apple and Android phones. Not all phones are compatible however, especially older generations.

In the first instance, please try and connect your hearing aids to your smartphone following the instructions we have provided you. If you are having any issues, please follow the ‘Troubleshooting’ guide below, although it may be that your phone is not compatible.

Your Oticon ON app may mention a feature called ‘Remote Care’; this references a system that is currently not available locally.  


If you experience any difficulties using the ‘Oticon ON’ app or connecting your hearing aids to your smartphone, in the first instance follow these steps:

  • check your phone/tablet is compatible on the Oticon website
  • switch your mobile phone off and then on again
  • uninstall and then re-install the Oticon ON app
  • unpair your hearing aids from your phone, delete and reinstall the app, then pair them (i.e. reconnect them) again.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please call or email Oticon Technical Support:

Tel.: +44 1698 283363
Fax: +44 1698 284308

Issues with connectivity and app use will nearly always be linked with your phone/tablet rather than the hearing aids, so if you cannot self-troubleshoot, we would suggest contacting Oticon technical support rather than audiology, as we will often not be able to help you.

Additional Wireless Devices

There are other wireless and streaming devices available to purchase which work with most Oticon hearing aids (hearing aid specific options). They are available to purchase from Oticon directly or other online suppliers. If you inform them of your hearing aid and phone type, they will be able to advise on the best options should wireless accessories be of interest to you.