Hearing aid fitting and cleaning information sheet

Fitting your hearing aid.JPGFitting your hearing aid

Step 1: the picture shows the main two parts the hearing aid and mould.



Fitting your hearing aid 2.JPGThis picture shows the earmould incorrectly attached on the hearing aid.




Step 2: this picture shows the earmould correctly attached on the hearing aid.Fitting your hearing aid 3.JPG





Incorrectly fitted hearing aid.Fitting your hearing aid 4.JPG





Fitting your hearing aid 5.JPGStep 3: correctly fitted aid.




Cleaning your hearing aid

Try to keep your thin tube clean by wiping daily with a mild wet wipe such as a baby wipe. If the tubing is blocked or the earmould gets very dirty, you can clean it in the following way.

Cleaning your hearing aid.JPG

Using your hearing aid with a phone.JPGUsing your hearing aid with a telephone

The top of the handset needs to be positioned as closely as possible to the microphone on the hearing aid. This will be at the top of your ear.

Other information

The hearing aid is turned on and off by opening and closing the battery compartment.

Replace batteries every 7-10 days.

Red markers in the battery compartment indicate the aid is for a right ear and blue markers indicate the hearing aid is for the left ear.

The tube that connects the earmould to the hearing aid should always be soft/ flexible. When the tubing becomes hard/less flexible it needs to be replaced as this affects the functioning of the hearing aid.

Please contact the audiology department on 0300 3038640 to get the tubes changed.