Inserting and cleaning hearing aids and earmoulds

Inserting hearing aid.JPG Hold the earmould between your finger and thumb as shown. Pull it back in line with your ear
Inserting hearing aid 2.JPG Put the part that goes down the ear canal (earmould) into position.
Inserting hearing aid 3.JPG Then tuck in the part that goes into the crease at the top of the ear.
Inserting hearing aid 4.JPG Use your other hand to pull down your ear lobe. Push your earmould firmly into place.
Inserting hearing aid 5.JPG Correct: correctly fitted hearing aid.
Inserting hearing aid 6.JPG Incorrect: incorrectly fitted hearing aid


Try to keep your earmould clean by wiping daily with a mild wet wipe such as a baby wipe. If the tubing is blocked or the earmould gets very dirty, you can clean it in the following way:

Cleaning your hearing aid.JPG Detach the ear mould from the hearing aid.
Cleaning your hearing aid 2.JPG Wash the earmould (with the tubing still in its place) in lukewarm, soapy water. Rinse it well, shake the tubing to ensure no water is present or leave it to dry overnight. Then push the tubing back onto the hearing aid.
Cleaning your hearing aid 3.JPG This picture shows the earmould placed incorrectly on the hearing aid, it has been reattached the wrong way around
Inserting hearing aid 4.JPG This picture shows the earmould placed correctly on the aid