Inserting and cleaning a thin tube and hearing aid

Inserting a thin tube hearing aid.JPG Place the hearing aid behind your ear
Inserting a thin tube hearing aid 2.JPG Place the dome, at the tip of the tube, into your ear canal.
Inserting a thin tube hearing aid 3.JPG Press your finger over the tube and make sure the dome is fully inserted. If the dome is not fully inserted then you may not hear so well and the aid may make a whistling noise.
Inserting a thin tube hearing aid 4.JPG Correctly fitted hearing aid.


Try to keep your thin tube clean by wiping daily with a mild wet wipe such as a baby wipe. If the tubing is blocked or the earmould gets very dirty, you can clean it in the following way:

Cleaning your thin tube heraing aid.JPG Detach the tube from the hearing aid with a firm tug. Be careful not to bend the tubing as a bend will stop the sound from going through to your ear from the hearing aid.
Cleaning your thin tube heraing aid 2.JPG You should have been provided with a cleaning tube at your fitting appointment. Insert this through the top detached tubing to clear any debris or wax.
Cleaning your thin tube heraing aid 3.JPG Reattach the tubing by ‘clicking’ it together with the hearing aid.


Re-tubing your hearing aid

Replacement thin tubes can be obtained by post using the battery postal service or from the Action on Hearing volunteer service. Please see the back of battery card for details of battery postal service. Please note that tubes need to be replaced every 4-6 months

If you experience difficulty with your hearing aid, please contact the audiology department.