Can I have an earlier appointment?

Patients are always given the choice of the next available appointment so the appointment given is always the earliest one. While bringing your appointment forward is not usually possible, we will always try to do our best to accommodate your needs, e.g. reschedule for another/later date.

I have a new appointment with your service - is this for an MRI scan?

No. We may refer you for an MRI scan if this is appropriate. Sometimes this can help in the assessment and diagnosis of your problem. However, very often this is not necessary.

Can I speak to a specific practitioner?

Practitioners work from different locations and are not usually on hand to answer phone calls as they run very busy clinics. Please contact us if you wish to leave a message for a practitioner.

I have been referred to a consultant but haven't heard anything yet?

If you have been referred on, there will always be a short wait. If you are concerned, please contact the service you have been referred to

I was last seen a year ago can I make a follow-up appointment?

If your practititioner has advised you to conatct the service to make a folow-up appointment, the time limit for this is six months from the date you were seen. 

Who do I contact to change my appointment?

Contact us to discuss changing your appointment time.

Dorset Musculoskeletal Service