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10 Year Logo.pngThe Recovery Education Centre is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! (2012-2022) 

This year we are very excited to commemorate 10 years of the Dorset Recovery Education Centre (REC) and to celebrate we would like you to join us to reflect on a decade of recovery education in Dorset. 

We first introduced REC courses in the Spring of 2012 and went on to deliver our first full term that September. 

We aim to share experiences, raise awareness of the REC and celebrate learning.

Examples of contributions:

WordsWB 10Y.jpg

On our REC staff away day, we asked the team to think of one word to represent what they had learnt with us. A few of the chosen words were: hope, values, aspire and growth. 







"I attended my first REC course three weeks after being discharged from a Home Treatment Team and was still under a Community Mental Health Team, I had also been supported by an Early Intervention in Psychosis Team too, so I was used to discussions around mental health being very serious and clinical.

At the REC, it was lovely to have relaxed conversations and laugh during talking about mental health for the first time ever! It was from then I knew that I wanted to become a peer specialist to give that experience to other people too."

Hannah (DMHF, peer specialist)

Art (2).jpgArt

Kate, our assistant co-ordinator and admissions tutor, painted this image during her induction when asked to think about what recovery meant to her.

There may be other artistic mediums that you wish to explore, for example, drawing or creating a collage. 


Leo Chen Picture.png









Drawing by Leo, REC Student, during 

one of our 10 year reflection courses.

Student voice

The REC is based on the principles of sharing assets and we are continually attempting to look to, and be led by the community in which we work. We would love to hear from you and receive feedback on every stage of your journey with the REC. Your valuable insights help us to shape our future offers.

If you have a particular topic that you are interested in learning more about, or would like to share your views, please contact us.

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