How will I know when my baby needs feeding?

These are the signs which come long before baby finally cries for a feed. Crying for a feed is baby’s last attempt to get you to notice him so it is much better if you can feed him/her as soon as you notice these earlier signals.

This is called “responsive” feeding as you are feeding your baby in response to him/her letting you know that he/ she is ready to feed.

The signs are:

  • Restlessness/ stirring
  • Fingers/hands to mouth
  • Rapid eye movement
  • Rooting (searching for the breast)
  • Sucking motions and lip movements.

It is normal for your baby to want very frequent breastfeeds and is not a sign that you have not got enough milk for him/her.

Ask your Midwife / Health Visitor if you have any concerns, they will be happy to help and reassure you.

More information

If breastfeeding feels a bit awkward at first, don’t worry. You and your baby may just need a little more practice. Breastfeeding is a skill that you and your baby learn together, and it can take time to get used to.

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