How do I go about breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is a skill that needs to be learnt, and it can take time and practice to get the hang of it. There are lots of different positions for breastfeeding. You just need to check the following points.

  • Are you comfortable? Make sure you are comfortable before you start a feed and have everything you might need to hand, e.g. a drink
  • Remember when you feed to relax your shoulders and arms.
  • Are your baby’s head and body in a straight line?
  • Baby's nose, knee and navel facing towards you.
  • Are you holding your baby close to you, facing your breast?
  • Support their neck, shoulders and back. Do not hold their head as their head needs to be free to tilt back.
  • Is your baby’s nose opposite your nipple?
  • Your baby needs to get a big mouthful of breast from beneath the nipple.

How does my baby attach to my breast?

  • Hold your baby close to you with their nose level with the nipple.
  • Wait until your baby opens their mouth really wide, like a yawn, with the tongue down.
  • Bring your baby swiftly on to your breast.
  • Your baby will tilt their head back and come to your breast chin first. They should take a large mouthful of breast. Your nipple should go towards the roof of their mouth.

Attaching your baby correctly is really important. Having a good attachment means that your baby gets plenty of milk.

Attaching your baby correctly will also help prevent your nipples becoming sore and cracked and will ensure that your breast are drained effectively and help relieve engorgement and blocked ducts.

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