Biological Nurturing

When Mums are ‘laid back’ they are comfortable, reducing the body tension that often follows birth, Mum feels relaxed. Breastfeeding is an activity of daily living and we need to reduce any restrictions around it.

Most importantly with ‘laid back’ breastfeeding there is nothing to learn, no rules to remember you simply put baby on your front and wait for him to start searching for the breast and attach all by himself.

You can help position your baby if it feel you need to.

Second and importantly, for most mothers, there is nothing to learn or to remember. You don’t have to remember which of your body parts is supposed to line up with the baby’s. You don’t have to make sure the baby’s tongue is forward etc. etc. In BN, most mothers don’t attach the baby to the breast so there is no step-by-step fixed system to learn. Most babies self attach.

Self –attachment also seems to work better reducing the incidence of sore nipples

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