Job Searching

Jobs searching can be sought through various methods.


Many companies will use the internet to advertise their vacancies through either their own websites or through recruitment websites, these allow a search of many potential employers in your local area.

In the Dorset area companies may use various recruitment websites, the most common are:

Other sites that might be worth a look are:-

The Bournemouth Echo are still a good place to search:-

Some major employers will advertise on their own websites for example:


Recruitment Agencies may also have local offices in your area, where you can register your details with them to look for work. Their role is to find suitable people for the vacancies that the employer has asked them to fill. Depending on the roles you are interested in some agencies will be able to recruit you for a position, forward your information to the recruiter for interview and help improve your CV.

Word of mouth, friends and family

Talking to people in employment can be a great way of discovering opportunities in finding work and many people have changed jobs or found work through recommendations from others.

Get out there.

Even though most jobs are advertised online some businesses still advertise for free in stores and shop windows. So don’t forget to look about while you’re out in case something interesting catches your eye. If you know a specific area you would like to work in, see what business of that type are near you, pay them a visit and ask if they have any current vacancies. It is always useful to have your CV to hand as they may ask for this when you enquire. The potential employer also has a chance to meet and talk to you rather than just a name on a CV.

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