Exploring Work Options

If you are not currently working and would like to look at the possibility of paid, voluntary work or training, there are a range of services and resources to help you.

Careers Service If you are unsure what type of work would best suit you, the careers service might be worth investigating. The National Careers Service have a useful Skills Health check on their site. Doing these assessments will lead to various career and job possibilities that best suit your skills profile.

Volunteering – there are many reasons people volunteer – find out more about volunteering here.

Finding a paid job. One of the first step is to ensure you have an up to date Curriculum Vitae – better know as a CV. Some companies want an application form completed (usually online); this Prospects site has some useful advice about this.

Many companies will use the internet to advertise their vacancies through either their own websites or through recruitment websites, these allow a search of many potential employers in your local area. Many are listed on our job searching page.

“What do I say about my health problem or the gaps in my work history?” are the most frequently expressed concerns our services encounter when helping people return to work. Knowing what to say – or whether to say nothing – are difficult dilemmas.

Its worth being familiar with the Equality Act 2010 and your legal rights and responsibilities. Except in a few special circumstances, employers are not allowed to ask any job applicant about their health or any disability until the person has been offered a job. This is both during the application process (such as a question on an application form) and at an interview.

Once offered a job it may be to your advantage to bring attention to a disability or health problem, so “reasonable adjustments” can be made to accommodate any difficulties you have. Again, the Equality Act 2010 spells this out. Its also worth being aware of the Government service Access to work that may help facilitate these reasonable adjustments.

As well as employment, you may wish to look into what Training options are available.

If you are on benefits its usually a safe precaution to investigate how your entitlements will be affected by paid employment.

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