Retaining Work

There are a range of services to help you maintain your current work when affected by a health or disability issue. Also to help anyone stay well at work.

Work restrictions / adjustments

If you are returning to work, it is important for your employer to know in advance about any restrictions and adjustments that may be needed (e.g. changes to hours/duties, additional training or equipment or help with travel). Many employers have a set policy on return to work (e.g. graded return) after illness or injury which may start with a return to work interview. We have compiled this handout you may find useful.

Strategies to manage your health condition

There are things you can do that will help maintain your employment without exacerbating any health problem. For example pacing yourself better and taking adequate breaks, learning how to relax. This is explored more in Keeping Well at Work

Developing a Wellness Action Plan can help employees to actively support their own mental health by reflecting on the causes of stress and poor mental health, and by taking ownership of practical steps to help address these triggers. Mental health charity Mind have Wellness Action Plans you can download and complete.

Advice for employers and employees

There are several organisations that can help provide information to both employers and employees on different aspects of the workplace, you may find the following helpful.

Benefits/Fit Notes

Obviously getting correct advice on benefits is essential to make the rights choices about employment. The Department of Work and Pensions guidance, and other benefits resources can be found here.

Occupational Therapists can complete an AHP Health and Work Report. This gives advice for the employee to take to their employer to consider in reviewing the employee's ability to remain in or return to work. This is more comprehensive than a GP's Fit Note and give more detailed advice about how a return to work can be facilitated. More about this here.

In 2010 all previous employment legislation relating to health and disability was brought together with the Equality Act 2010.

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