Relaxation and Mindfulness

This is a basic “tense and relax” routine. You can adapt it to your own needs – tense and relax whichever muscle groups you prefer. Hold the tension as long as you want, repeat two or three times (or more frequent) if you wish. There is no set blueprint of how its done.


Recovery Education College have a very useful podcast that introduces mindfulness and its benefits.  It also includes a talk through of a mindfulness exercise.

Looking for peace and quiet? You’ve already got it. In this animation, Headspace’s co-founder, Andy Puddicombe, describes the stillness that’s present in all our minds so long as we know how to find it. Learning to meditate means getting in touch with that sense of underlying calm. And once we’ve experienced it, it’s always with us, just like the blue sky is there, no matter how stormy the clouds start to look.

Breathing Exercises

Below is a useful video that takes you through a breathing routine. The site its on has a variety of relaxation and breathing exercises you may like to explore.

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