There is a saying “doing good does you good” and it does!

Why volunteer? There are many reasons people volunteer e.g., to gain confidence, to gain work skills, as an opportunity to meet people, something to put on your CV, or just because you enjoy giving something back to the community.

Click here for more reasons why to volunteer: https://www.ncvo.org.uk/ncvo-volunteering/why-volunteer

When preparing for voluntary work think about what you enjoy doing, who you want to help and what hours you are willing to give. Then get researching to find that special role for you. Use the links below to help you get started.

Helpful links

To find your local volunteer centre click here: https://www.ncvo.org.uk/ncvo-volunteering/i-want-to-volunteer

Do-it https://do-it.org/

Aged 14-30 https://vinspired.com/

Local Dorset Volunteer Centres

Bournemouth and Poole: https://www.can100.org/

Dorset: https://www.volunteeringdorset.org.uk/

You can also try the charity organisations websites individually to look for volunteer work. See below for examples.





Wanting to apply to be one of our volunteers? Visit our main volunteers page.

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